Volkswagen Transporter T5 GP RUBBER DASH MATS - CUBBY HOLE MATS + VENTS - 3 Pc

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Volkswagen Transporter T5 GP HIGHLINE rubber mat set for air vents - 3 piece set

- This set is specifically produced for the HIGHLINE models.  The two air vent mats have lugs on the under side of them which locate into holes on the HIGHLINE vent cubby hole.  They can be used on other models from 2003 onwards but they will not be an exact perfect fit, and you will need to simply cut the rubber lugs off the under side.

- You will receive 3 items, they will fill the two outer air vents and the cubby unit which houses the hazard light switch
- Rubberised grip material
- See our other listings for the matching dash console fascia trim and air vents or the full 7 piece mat set..
- HIGHLINE model Transporters + other models with slight modification (not an exact perfect fit on other models)
- Brand new genuine VW parts

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