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Suitable for Ford Transit Custom vans 2012- onwards, please contact us for compatibility information if you are unsure. 

A few very important facts before we tell you why our locks are a must for your Ford -

- Our locks are the best available on the market for the Ford range, it is fitted with an anti-pick round key barrel, do not waste your money on other locks which use a standard flat key profile, they can be picked just like the originals.

- The bezel (the round metal disc) is an absolute must, if fitted without this bezel then thieves can use the 'grab and twist' attack method, the bezel helps to prevent this, a belt and braces approach.  

- Direct replacement lock, no drilling or modification required.

- Full guide with pictures supplied for installation, very easy, supplied with two keys and protection bezel.

- Our kits provide everything you need to do the job properly, one time and one time only.

Want to help prevent break-in and theft of your Ford Transit Custom?  This lock kit is a must!  Ford Transit Customs, amongst others, have been subject to break in which can lead to theft of the vehicle, this is due to the original Ford door lock being easy to pick by criminals.  This upgraded high security anti-pick door lock is a direct replacement and helps to solve this issue, it is the best on the market bar none!  All of our Ford door locks are the Generation 2 style, the best and most current on the market which have great advantages over the Gen 1 models.

This Hykee high security lock and bezel replaces the original Ford door lock in the drivers door which is the only keyed point of entry on these vehicles, no ugly extra locks required!  We supply our kits with full fitting instructions from start to finish to make it a simple process.  These locks are the best on the market and an absolute must to protect your vehicle and belongings.  As with all security products - these are to be treated as a deterrent device.

Looking to place a bulk order  Contact us for special prices on 5+ items.  We also sell the OBD (on-board diagnostic) port lock boxes, which can be found in our other items, one into your vehicle thieves can plug their machine into these ports to start the vehicle without keys.  This lock box prevents easy access to the port!

If you require high security door locks for Transit MK8 vans 2014+ or Transit MK7 vans 2006-2014 then the item numbers below will take you to those listings, simply copy and paste the item number into your eBay search bar -

TRANSIT MK8 2014+ - 183468427332

FORD TRANSIT MK7 2006-2014 - 183468435348


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