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Suitable for Ford Transit MK7 vans 2006-2014 (not suitable for the Custom vans, the Custom and Transit MK7 are different models)  please contact us for compatibility information if you are unsure or check the photograph of the model on this listing.

Want to help prevent theft of your Ford Transit?  This OBD port (on board diagnostic) lock box is a must!  Ford Transits, amongst others, have been subject to break in which can lead to theft of the vehicle, this is due to the original Ford door lock being easy to pick by criminals, once into your vehicle the thieves plug their computer into your OBD port and can start the vehicle.  This high security OBD port lock box offers a physical shield between the OBD port and anybody wishing to steal your vehicle.  Once installed you retain the key for the occasions you need to access the port, but simply keep it locked and closed for the rest of the time!

We supply the product with full fitting guide making it a simple process.  Some general technical knowledge will help in the fitting process, but it is also job which can be done in a DIY fashion.  As with all security products - these are to be treated as a deterrent device.

Looking to place a bulk order  Contact us for special prices on 5+ items.  We also sell the Hykee high security driver door lock, which can be found in our other items, an absolute must to prevent thieves entering the vehicle!

The item number for the Transit MK7 high security door lock is - 183468435348